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Plant Shrub Roses for Carefree Beauty

by Ron King

Shrub roses are an easy, colorful choice to use anywhere you would plant a shrub.

Sturdy and Plant-Friendly

Unlike many roses, Shrub Roses are perfect for planting anywhere. They're "plant-friendly" and are good neighbors in any collection of flowers. Shrub Roses are also very winter-hardy, and they are highly disease-resistant.

These round, easily-maintained bushes are not small, either. Many older Shrub Roses can grow up to 6 feet in height. If desired, Shrub Roses can be trained to grow like tall hedges.

Privacy Screen or Hedge

Shrub roses are great as a screen or hedge plant for privacy, as a border, or a background. Although the flowers from Shrub Roses have little fragrance, they come in a wide assortment of vivid colors. Vibrant pinks, reds, whites, and yellows are all common for a shrub rose's abundant flowers.


About The Author

Ron King is a full-time researcher, writer, and web developer. Visit his website to learn more about this popular gardening activity.


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