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Party Planning

Secrets to Throwing Amazing Parties

by The Editors of

We’ve all been to parties that have that certain something-special that makes them stand out in our memories as being truly fabulous. Of course, to have a great party, you need to start with great guests. Assuming you have that part covered, often it comes down to all of the little party details to really make a party special.

Here are a few fast but fabulous tips to put your parties on the map:

- Freeze strawberries or raspberries, then pop them into glasses of white wine or champagne for a dash of "bling". The berries will kick it up a notch with a splash of color and class, and will inject an element of unexpected surprise.

- If the lavatory your guests will visit during the party has a bathtub, glam things up by filling the tub with water, then float the heads of oodles of large scented flowers in it. Roses, gerbera daisies, mums, and carnations are all good choices. The stunning visual impact of this will knock the socks of your guests - and the room will smell amazing.

- Pick up simple store-bought cakes at the local grocery, then give them the high-end, lavish look of expensive custom cakes by embellishing them with fresh, non-poisonous flowers such as roses, pansies, or naustrusium.

- To encourage mingling at a cocktail party, limit the number of seats so that guests don’t just plunk themselves down in one spot for the entire night. Some seating is, of course, necessary for those with weary feet, but there should be substantially fewer seats than guests if you want to keep things lively at the party.

Follow these tips and you'll soon acquire a reputation as an ace party planner!

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