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How to Host an "Open House" Style Party

An open house is a great way to entertain guests without the stress of a sit-down dinner. With a bit of advance planning, you can actually relax and enjoy your own party!

Here's How:

1) Schedule at Least Four Hours.

Four hours gives enough time for people to appear and disappear at will, assuring you a good turnout. Four hours also allows you plenty of time to spend with each and every guest.

2) Avoid a Crowded Crush.

If you have more guests than space, stagger the hours of the party on the invitations. Invite your closest friends and family from 1- 5, business associates from 1- 3, and friends and neighbors from 3- 5. Keep the groups clearly defined in case your guests compare notes.

3) Keep it Simple.

Exotic foods may be great for some parties, but for an all day open house, the simpler the better.

4) It's Always the Beginning.

Since guests are arriving at all different times, it's always the beginning of the party for someone! Keep food platters and drinks full and tables cleared throughout.

5) Stay Relaxed and Flexible.

You never know exactly how many people are going to show up for your all-day affair and whether they'll be the fun friends or the shy family members, so you have to be ready to "go with the flow."

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Have you planned an open house style party? Share your ideas, tips, recipes or menu suggestions. Did you incorporate special touches that made the party even better? Tell us - If we use your ideas, we'll send you are romantic gift for the home.


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