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Party Planning & Easy Entertaining:
How to Throw an Awesome Office Party

People talk often caution against mixing business with pleasure, but my mother has always said it's good to try new things, and mother knows best. Once in a while it's okay to loosen that tie, kick off the high, executive heels and put on your boogey shoes. There are a lot of ways to have fun with the folks from work while still staying within the realm of good taste. To throw an awesome party for business associates or the people you work with, all you need to do is follow these guidelines:

Ask Guests to 'Save the Date'

It's hugely important to give people more than enough time to mark the date of a big bash on their calendars. Give them lots of advance notice. When selecting a date for your party, put thought into the day of week. Think about things such as whether children will be in attendance (is it a school night?), or whether there are other holidays or events surrounding the date (superbowl, St. Patrick's Day) which might cause conflicts on your guests calenders. Will having the party on the weekend be preferable in attracting guests? Will there be work the next day? These are just some things that may go overlooked, but could have a major impact on the turn-out.

Location, Location, Location

You want to show the people that work for you that you appreciate them via the extravaganza, so throwing it at a scenic, fun, and grand locale should be your aim. You want the party to be held somewhere of elegance, but don't make it too far out of the way or you'll create an inconvenience for your guests. Make sure directions are clear and available for in print, online, office intranet, so as everyone will be able to find their way there easily.

Decor to Impress

It pays to be attentive to detail. This goes for many facets of life ut corporate parties are certainly no exception. Invest some time, money, and creativity into the decorations. If you aren't good at decorating, hire someone to do it for you. Flowers can add a vibrant touch to the decor and will add to the ambience. This event may only happen once a year for smaller businesses, so pull out all the stops; you want to inspire your employees to do the same for you five days a week.

Be Politically Correct

If your partyt happens to fall around the holidays, don't label it a 'Christmas Party' because you may have employees who do not celebrate Christmas. Instead, call it a 'Holiday Season Party'.

Oh, Are You a Vegetarian?

Today, many people are on special diets, so be sure to have an eclectic smorgasbord of delicacies to choose from. It would be very considerate to have a line at the bottom of the invitation encouraging suggestions or details of dietary limitations. This could also be implemented into the company intranet, so people would not feel as reluctant to state their preferences if they saw others that had the same dietary interests.

Black Tie Optional?

Be sure to give your guests some indication of dess code for the party. It's embarrassing for guests when they either under or overdress for a social function. Remember, this is all about the employees and you want them to have a great time. If the location or style of the event calls for dressy attire, let it be known. But keep in mind that unless it is a real gala affair, most people feel most comfortable going a bit more casual.




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