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Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

For anyone who enjoys playing the part of someone else or solving a good mystery, hosting a murder mystery dinner party is tons of fun and provides an evening of great entertainment. They can be held for any special occasion or holiday, or simply "just because".

There are many sites online that have stores selling the games and scripts. Don't commit to buying a particular murder mystery dinner party kit until you find one that will really suit you and your guests. Some of them are geared towards all women and some are for children's parties. All of the mysteries have a certain theme and it would be much more enjoyable for all of your guests if it is something that is easier to believe.

A bunch of teenagers probably won't enjoy a roaring 20's mystery theme. Once you have decided on what murder mystery dinner party game you are best suited and purchase it, it is time to invite everyone and assign them a character. Most of the game kits that you purchase have invitations included inside of them. This makes it easy for the guests to know what character they have been assigned and more about what to expect from a murder mystery dinner party. Many hosts asks their guests to try to dress the part as best as they can. Hopefully, your guests will be eager to do so and happy to participate.

The hardest part may be deciding on what food should be made and served at your murder mystery dinner party. Most of the games are catered to having a dinner party. However, there are many meals that can be made that are simple and hassle-free for the host. Consider your menu carefully and decide on what best suits your guests and the murder mystery party that you are having.

I have seen companies - both large and small, hold a murder mystery dinner party as their annual event or for a holiday. Whether the employees are eager to participate remains to be seen, but usually a good time is had by all. It is a wonderful way to keep people involved and from sitting in a corner all evening. It requires socializing and entertainment that sets the mood as happy and cheery. Finding a murder mystery dinner party kit for a large group is not always as easy but it can be done. There are also party groups in existence that will create a murder mystery just for your company. It may cost a bit more, but having a personalized murder mystery dinner party could be the best party you've ever held or attended!


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