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HomeMade Baby Shower Favors: Ideas!

The gracious baby shower hostess knows that baby shower favors provide a memento of the happy event and offer a thoughtful way to thank guests for taking the time to attend.

Baby shower favors come in every size, shape and form, but baby shower favors do not have to be expensive or elaborate to impress either guests or the mom-to-be. Some of the loveliest baby shower favors, in fact, might just be the ones that are homemade because they represent the time and care that went into creating them.

Shown Above Right: It's all in the presentation... Transparent frosted "Chinese Takeout Containers" are filled with inexpensive bulk candy, but the beautiful presentation makes the world of difference and super-simple homemade baby shower favors become chic and stylish. Boxes just .70 each; available here .

There are a wide variety of different items you can use as baby shower favors. What will really make them special is the way they are presented. This is really more important than what the item itself is, because this is where all of the creativity comes in. Remember, its always the attention to detail that can transform almost anything from ordinary to extraordinary. So put thought into how you might wrap, package or display favors in order to give them that one of a kind, unique, handmade personalized touch. At your favorite dollar store, look for inexpensive gift bags (which come in all sizes) or pretty metallic, cellophane or tissue wrapping material. Use pretty ribbon for decorative embellishment; keep in mind that there are many different types of ribbon - curling ribbon, satin ribbon, metalic ribbon, opalescent of irridescent ribbon, organza ribbon.... Plus there are endless width options, color choices, and even pattern choices for ribbons, so its really possible to customize homemade baby shower favors so that they have just the right look by selecting just the right ribbon.

Once you've decided on a pretty way of wrapping or packaging your bridal shower favors, you might also want to "kick it up a notch" by accessorizing the look with something decorative. For example, if baby is due in the fall, tie a festive fall leaf to every favor - you get the idea!

baby shower fortune cookie favorsAnother way of adding the WOW factor to your homemade baby shower favors is to put some thought into how you wil display them at the baby shower. You might stack the nicely wrapped favors on a tiered cake stand near the headtable to pack some good visual punch. Or place a mirror at the center of every table and set the favors (one for each guest at the table) on the mirror - this way the favors themselves not only look awesome, they also do double duty as a centerpiece.

The ideas and options are endless when you simply start to think creatively, so use the above examples for inspiration, and see what you can come up with. Shop the dollar stores for ideas. When you take simple ordinary items, wrap them up to make them look stunning and to suit your theme, add decorative embellisments and accents, and then display them attractively, you can transform many an everyday object into a unique homemade wedding favor you can be proud to call your very own creation!

Shown Above Left: Baby Shower Fortune Cookie Favors can be homemade, or you can buy them here for .99 each and put your own personal touches on the way you present them, wrap them, or diplay them at the baby shower.

Some ideas to use as the basis of your simple homemade baby shower favors might include the following: Gifts in a Jar, Candles, Miniature boxes of chocolates or candy, bath salts or pretty soap, photographs (with or without a frame), small gift baskets, otto tickets, fresh or silk flowers, potted plants, chocolate covered spoons, lollipops....

Keep in mind that to make any shower even more exciting, eventful and memorable, baby shower favors that coincide with the "theme" of the shower are even more fun. For example, if the expectant mother is carrying twins, and the theme of the shower revolves around multiples, it might be possible to offer baby shower favors that coincide with this idea.

Some ideas for baby shower favors in this situation might involve: "Double Bubble" Gum, "Twix" Candy Bars, a pair (two) of anything, identically mathcing picture frames, a pair of coffee spoons... you get the idea.

Another neat idea for homemade baby shower favors is to have each guest bring a "white elephant gift". The idea of white elephant gifts typically surfaces during Christmas time, when guests are invited to bring a "mock" gift to a party for exchange. This may include silly items such as used household appliances, a roll of toilet paper or an open box of Oreo cookies. Guests are encouraged to wrap the "gifts", then each member of the party can select a number and draw gifts. Using white elephant gifts as baby shower favors is a great way for guests to share the laughter and festive nature of a baby shower.


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