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Homemade Baby Shower CenterpiecesHomeMade Baby Shower Centerpieces: Ideas!

Baby Shower Centerpieces will add style and pizzazz to any baby shower, but unless they are homemade they can also set you back a chunk of change.

Unique homemade baby shower centerpieces can be a lot of fun to make once the ideas start to flow, but coming up with the ideas is often another matter all together, so here are some creative suggestions to inspire you.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea #1:
A Bucket of Baby Stuff

An easy yet stunning homemade centerpiece can be created by simply filling a decorative pail with an assortment of appropriately sized cute baby items, as in the photo above right. A cute colored plastic baby bottle, one or two small bean bag teddy bears, and a pretty baby washcloth tied with a ribbon can be nestled into the pail on a bed of curling ribbon. Finish with some curling ribbon

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea #2:
Photo Displays

Display framed baby photos of the mommy and daddy-to-be in groups at the center of the table. Be sure to arrange the photos so that they can easily be viewed by all guests around the table; if you have guests seated all the way around the table, you want to avoid having the photos facing only in one direction. Nestle votive candles in simple glass holders around the photos, or alternatively you can place a single short stemmed flower in the votive holders and skip the candles. Use either fresh or silk blooms - the choice is yours. For added interest, if desired, photos can be placed on mirrors on the table (rentable from party supply stores) to give some added intererst and emphasis. The result is not only an attractive baby shower centerpiece arrangement, but one that is meaningful, relevant, and a terrific conversation starter for guests as well. All this, and entirely inexpensive as well.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea #3:
Gift Boxes

Create an inexpensive homemade baby shower centerpiece by wrapping empty cardboard boxes in pretty gift wrap. Adorn each box with a big fancy bow at the top, and place one wrapped "gift" at the center of every table. Use pink gift wrap if you know the baby will be a girl, or blue gift wrap for a boy. If the gender of the baby remains unknown, alternate between blue and pink if there will be multiple tables at the shower. Scatter votive candles around the gift box to visually "frame" it, or place single blooms of your favorite flower in small votive holders and use those to surround the gift.

As a variation on this idea, shop your local dollar store for small bean-bag teddy bears and lean a couple around each gift box.

For another variation, use several wrapped boxes, in varying sizes, arranged in groups at the center of each table. Surround with votive holders containing votive candles or flowers, or use the bean-bag teddy bear idea mentioned above.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea #4:
Baby Blocks

Buy some inexpensive baby blocks (wooden or plastic with the letters of the alphabet on them) at your local dollar store or discount department store. Arrange them at the center of the table in an attractive manner, and compliment the arrangement with some votive candles if you like. You can place these on a mirror for added visual interest - a mirror always makes a centerpiece arrangement appear larger

As a variation, you can elevate the display of blocks on an attractive pedestalled cake stand to give it more visual emphasis. Another very affordable, wonderfully creative homemade baby shower centerpiece!

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea #5:

Flowers are a timeless, classic centerpiece choice for any occassion, and baby showers are no exception. Arrange in glass vases. Accent each vase by wrapping a wide satin ribbon around the center of the vase and gluing in place with a hot glue gun. Use pink ribbon if the baby is a girl, or blue if its a boy. Use a band of each color, one next to the other, if the gender isn't known. You can also reflect the pink or blue theme through the color choices for the flowers. Pink carnations or roses for a girl, for example, and blue carnations for a boy. Fresh flowers can be purhcased quite inexpensively from you local grocery store, or alternatively, you can use silk flowers.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea #6:
Rubber Duckies

For each centerpiece, fill a large clear glass bowl with water and place at the center of the table. Float several yellow rubber duckies in each bowl. If possible try to get duckies in different sizes - one large mommy duck, and several smaller baby ducks. If desired, line the bottom of the bowl with decorative colored glass rocks, or fashionable natural looking "river rocks".

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Now that you've seen how easy it is to get the creative juices flowing, see what ideas of your own you can come up with!


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