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Party Planning & Easy Entertaining:
Graduation Party Ideas

By Penny Warner

Whether it's a high school graduation or a celebration of that college degree, you won't need a lot of pomp and circumstance to host a fun, final farewell to school days. Here are some suggestions for honoring the graduate that will be as memorable as the school years themselves.

Graduation Party Invitations

Send your guests some special invitations to get your bash started. Just study the following invitation suggestions, and make your selection - it's multiple choice!

 Write your party details on crisp white paper in calligraphic style (as if the invitation were a diploma) roll up the paper and tie it with ribbons in the graduate's school colors.

Make an invitation that looks like a final exam. Word it to give your guests a chuckle as they read their "test." Here's an example:

1) If you were going to (Name)'s graduation party, would you want:

a) Lots of food?

b) A disc jockey?

c) A toga party?

d) All of the above!

Continue with these multiple choice questions, and fill in your party details at the bottom of the invitation. You could even make the invitation look like a "blue book" by folding over light blue paper for the front and back cover and pasting notebook paper containing your exam questions on the inside.

Graduation Party Decorations

You've probably saved a few school mementos over the years - now they'll come in handy as decorations for your party room. Here are some suggestions for re-creating the school atmosphere:

* Decorate with lots of rolled up diplomas and mortarboards made from black construction paper and felt (or real) tassels. Set them on tables, hang them from the ceiling, or use them as a centerpiece. Write a special message inside the diplomas for each guest, and use the diplomas as place settings.

* Photocopy and enlarge some yearbook photos of favorite or not-so-favorite teachers to admire, deface, or write funny comments on.

Graduation Party Favors

  * Address books for keeping in touch.

  * T-shirt or sweatshirt with the school name on it.

  * Photos of the whole gang.

  * Mugs that say "Class of 20XX."

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