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Party Planning & Entertaining:
Party Idea - Floral Ice Cubes!

Party Planning Ideas

Party idea! Prove that you're the hostess with the most-ess, the ultimate party planner, when you serve your guests drinks with stunning floral ice-cubes. Yes, ice-cubes with small flowers or flower petals frozen within them. Your guests will be oohing and aahing all evening long.

Hard to believe that something so easy to do could deliver such WOW factor! Try it for your next party or gathering. This idea is perfect for a bridal shower, wedding, Christmas party, backyard party, or anytime.

This is a great example of how you can actually incorporate party decorations into the food you serve so the food and the decor merge together and compliment one another. When planning a great party, the food should not only taste good, it should look amazing too! Ideas like this make party planning fun!

Drop floral ice cubes into your guests glasses, or fill your punch bowl with them.

Make sure to only use edible, organically grown (non-toxic) flowers. Rose petals, geranium petals, or small pansies are ideal choices.

You will need:

  • Ice Cube Trays

  • Water

  • Fresh, clean, non-toxic flower petals or small flowers with stems completely removed

Here's What to Do:

The night before your next party, fill the ice cube trays no more than half way with water. Place non-toxic petals or small flowers into each cube compartment. Place in freezer for several hours, until frozen solid. Remove from freezer and top up each ice cube compartment with enough water to fill each compartment. Freeze until ready to use.

As one who loves party planning and entertaining, I've pampered my guests with these floral ice cubes for many years, but recently I came upon a variation of my idea in a book entitled Flower Power: Cooking with Petals, Blossoms and Blooms(see photo above). In it, the author suggests the alternative of using fruit juice or lemonade in place of water. Such a lovely idea. As she says, "The contrast of fruit and flower will add a delicious flavour to your drinks as the ice melts".

Try this creative party idea / craft project at your next soiree. Your guests will be impressed!

~ By Linda Kevich

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