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Chocolate Fondue Parties

Chocolate Fondue Adds "It Factor" To Parties

Chocolate fondue was the rage at parties in the 1970's, and like many aspects of that decade, it has become trendy once more. Chocolate appeals to both young and old the world over, and chocolate fondue is once again becoming a party must-have.

With time everything changes, and chocolate fondue is no exception. At today's parties, chocolate fondue is served and presented differently than it was back in the 70's, and there are various ways in which it is done. White chocolate has grown to become quite popular over the last couple of decades and white chocolate fondue is becoming more popular at get-togethers and parties.

Having a party and want to impress all who attend? Need something that is simple to prepare with a sophisticated flare? Then what you need is white chocolate fondue.

How to make White Chocolate Fondue

You will need:

24 ounces of white chocolate

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

two ounces of cherry liqueur

What to Do:

Combine all ingredients and melt together in a double boiler or fondue pot. Stir well. Prepare a platter of fruit such as fresh strawberries or pineapple chunks for dipping. I love to dip marshmallows.

For variety, you can also spice up your chocolate fondue with a fruit or a mint flavoring. This is especially yummy when dipping shortbread cookies or pretzels along with your favorite fruit. Try bananas, apples and orange sections too. Use your imagination, anything goes.

How To Display Chocolate Fondue at a Party

Many people serve chocolate in fondue pots when they throw a party. But another idea that is really catching on is a fondue fountain - this is super-impressive. The chocolate fountain will become the focal point of the event as your guests gather around to dip.

Keep in mind that a chocolate fondue fountain doesn't have to be reserved only for special parties - treat your family on a rainy night. Relax, talk, play a board game and enjoy your time together.

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