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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Many moms-to-be have gift registries galore which their well-meaning friends and relatives dutifully check, then ponder what to get for the expectant mom.

Another fun and creative way to help these thoughtful friends come up with gift ideas is to have a them for the baby shower. Themes can be fun, frivolous or downright practical.

Here are some baby shower theme ideas that take a simple baby shower and turn it into a special and stress-free event for everyone:

Tea Party

This baby shower theme idea, particularly appropriate for baby showers at the office or in the workplace, involves little more than making tea and small snacks. Reserve the office kitchen and depending upon where you live and the time of year, make two or three varieties of hot or iced tea, serve traditional tea cakes and cookies and place several heirloom teapots and teacups on the table as decoration. In advance of the baby shower ask one person to collect money from attendees for gifts. If its known that a baby girl is on the way, to be in keeping with the baby shower theme, one possible gift could be a child's tea set -- silver or porcelain to mark the occasion. For mom and dad, purchase a pre-made gift basket featuring gourmet teas from a gourmet food store, or create a gift basket like this yourself. For baby, get gift cards for the perfect baby "tea" - infant formula of course!. This narrows the shopping to just two or three stores and makes it easy for busy employees to drop in for just 10 minutes (no lengthy opening of gifts).

Pajama Party

Baby's bedroom needs lots of attention, and you can build an entire theme for the baby shower that relates to this - make it a Pajama Party baby shower. While the list of must-haves includes very practical crib bumpers, baby sleepers, nightlights and mobiles, be sure to include at least one luxurious bedroom-perfect gift such as a fabulous faux fur blanket, an heirloom-style quilt or snuggly fleece sheets and blankets. For baby shower guests, make hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies, put out a selection of classic bedtime books (Dr. Seuss is a good choice) to flip thru and recall fondly, and, if yours is a chummy group of women, get an oldie but goodie chick flick (such as Grease or Dirty Dancing) to watch together.

Daddy's Little Girl

Positive it's a girl? Invite couples to the baby shower. Let Daddy know everyone's thinking about him and his precious baby girl. Decorations might include photos of mom-to-be when she was a little girl, placed in fanciful frames (now gifts for the new baby), maybe a spunky outfit for the new little princess, and certainly a girl's most cherished gift - her first pearl necklace or bracelet to wear on precious occasions, such as her christening, first trip to Daddy's office and first trip to see Daddy's family. For a 'co-ed' shower, food that's a little more filling is a good bet: think mini-roast beef sandwiches, potatoe chips and brownies. But avoid food that's highly seasoned - out of consideration for mommy-to-be!

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HomeMade Baby Shower Favors

Easy Baby Shower Favor Ideas


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