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Outdoor Luminaries - Decor Project

From the book Christmas: 101 Wondrous Ideas to Make (Better Homes & Gardens)

Outdoor Luminaries

Luminaries: A walkway dotted with these luminarias (luminaries) warmly ushers guests into your home's embrace. Line a path with luminarias or place one on each side of your front door.

What You Need:

* Small plastic bucket, such as gallon ice cream bucket

* Small evergreen branches


1. Line sides and bottom of bucket with greens and fruit. Place plastic cup in middle so top of cup is level with top of bucket (you may need to add extra branches beneath the cup). Continue filling in fruit and greens between cup and sides of bucket.

2. Place two pieces of duct tape at right angles across bucket opening to keep cup from floating around.

3. Fill area between bucket and cup with water.

4. Put bucket in freezer or outside until frozen. It will take 8 to 24 hours to freeze. To unmold, set bucket in sink filled with hot water to loosen. Remove duct tape and slide out ice luminaria (luminary). Cup will remain inside ice.

5. Set luminaria (luminaries) outside. Place candle inside cup and light. (Use small votive candles to keep flame protected from the wind.)

6. When luminarias (luminaries) have finally melted, pick up the cups.


Left: Frozen in buckets with citrus slices, the luminarias (luminaries) will last as long as the weather is cold.

From the book Christmas: 101 Wondrous Ideas to Make (Better Homes & Gardens).

Copyright (C) Better Homes and Gardens

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More About Luminaries (Luminarias)

Luminaries, also known as luminarias, can be a gorgeous type of decor when entertaining. Wedding luminaries (luminarias) and Christmas luminaries (luminarias) are popular, as are ice luminaries and candle luminaries like the ones in the project above. Luminaries can be made for outdoor use, or can be displayed indoors, but be sure to use proper precautions for fire safety if you are making candle luminaries. Line a walkway with luminaries at Christmas or for summer party decor. Use them as centerpieces when you are decorating for a dinner party or reception. Luminaries are a fun craft project, and they will dazzle and impress your guests the next time you are enteraining guests, throwing a party, or planning a wedding.

More ideas like this can be found in the book
Christmas: 101 Wondrous Ideas to Make (Better Homes & Gardens).
Copyright (C) Better Homes and Gardens

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