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Simple Ways to Fabulous Decor With Fruit

by Linda Kevich

Decorating With Fruit

Fabulous home decor doesn't need to be complicated. There is often real elegance in simplicity. Using fruit as part of your home decor is so simple, its often entirely overlooked as a decorating option.

Here are some clever and creative ways to display fruit in your home as a decorative accent.

Simply layer fruits in an attractive clear glass container and display on a counter top, kitchen table, dining table, shelf, fridge top, or cocktail table. There are many styles of clear glass containers you can choose from, including cylinders, cubes, or rectangular and square vases. You can use one type of fruit for the whole arrangements to achieve a monochromatic effect, or for something for colorful, combine different types of fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes

A beautiful bowl of fruit can be lovely all on its own. It symbolizes abundance, which is very welcome in any home. The key to making this look work for you lies in selecting the most exquisite bowl you have. Think hammered glass trimmed in gold, or perhaps a cut crystal pedestal bowl. Fruit that is displayed with care in a gorgeous container is perfect for every day decor as well as for festive holiday occasions. When entertaining, use this look as a centerpiece at the dinner table or a beautiful accent piece to a buffet table.

Simple windowboxes are another creative way to turn fruit into a terrific visual display, either indoors or out. Fill the window box with an assortment of greens. Nestle the fruit on top of the greens, then insert some twigs among the fruit for architectural interest. You might want to cluster a spray of twigs vertically in the center of the arrangement for a focal point. Use the twigs or branches just as they are for a rustic or natural look, or consider spraying them gold and even dusting them with glitter in a stunning holiday display.

When creating a display like this for outdoor use in a cold climate, simply spay each piece of fruit with clear varnish or lacquer. This will preserve the fruit and keep it looking good enough to eat.

Another really wonderful idea for the holiday season is to embellish the Christmas tree with real fruit. This will give your tree that lush look of abundance and a very natural feel. Smaller fruits work best, but feel free to try different things and explore ideas.

Fruit can also be used to craft a gorgeous Victorian Kissing Balls. This is another project that is SO easy to do. Simply take a round Styrofoam Ball and attach to it a loop of ribbon which will serve as the hanger for the kissing ball. You can staple the ribbon loop to the ball, or use floral picks or wire to secure the loop to the ball. Next, use floral picks to pierce small fruits such as Kumquats. Insert one end of the pick half way into the fruit, then insert the remaining end of the pick into a round Styrofoam (R) ball. Do this until the ball is completely covered by the fruit. Use hot glue to insert cranberries between the fruit for embellishment and additional bursts of color if you wish. Hang over a doorway or from the dining room chandelier. When a suitable gentleman appears beneath it, a kiss will be in order!

You can also create pretty wreaths to adorn your door or garden gate by simply attaching berries or small fruits to a simple grapevine wreath form, available at any craft shop. Include greenery if you like, or allow the fruit to be displayed on their own. Later the fruit can be removed and the wreath form can be re-used to create a brand new project.

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Linda Kevich is a dynamic leader in lifestyle arts. An internationally recognized wedding expert for the last 15 years, Kevich is often cited in the national and international media and is well known for showing couples how to have the weddings of their dreams through her popular web site . Now, through, Kevich, with her killer sense of style and academic background in design, takes her followers to the next step - beyond the wedding - inspiring them with ways to inject creativity and style into life at home.

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