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Creative Ideas for Displaying Christmas Cards

by Linda Kevich

Christmas Cards... We all get them, and then we have to figure out what to do with them. When folks are thoughtful enough to remember you at Christmas time, it's only fitting that you should put their card on display in your home. But all those cards can take up a lot of space and might even be thought of by some as , dare I say, "clutter". That no longer needs to be a problem this holiday season - take a look at some truly precious card-displaying options that might actually enhance your holiday season décor.

- Vertically hang one, two, or three bands of 3" wide ribbon from the top of a door in your living room, dining room, kitchen, maim hall or foyer, and then pin the cards you receive to the ribbon. This is a terrific and really attractive solution when you don't have a lot of surface area to display cards on.

- Stand the cards up on the outer edges of your staircase (outside of the railing).

- String festive red pom-pom ball trim across a large window in your living room, kitchen, or dining room. Then attach the top of each card to the string of pom-pom ball trim with a clothes pin. Utterly charming! The trim is available by the yard (or meter) in craft shops and fabric stores.

- Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each Christmas card, then string narrow satin ribbon through the holes and tie the cards to the backs of your dining room chairs.

- Attach the cards all around the frame of a door in a prominent location in your home using masking tape (other types of tape may damage the finish of the wood). Guests will find it really interesting to look at when they arrive in your home.

- Use a round men's belt rack to display your cards in a circle. Make a hole at the top of each card with a hole punch, then string a narrow ribbon through the hole and hang from the circular wire rack. Place the rack in a prominent location in your living room, dining room, foyer, or kitchen.

- Use double sided tape to stick them to your windows in a scattered pattern.

- After Christmas, rather than throwing away the cards you received, think "recycle and re-use": Cut off the front face of the card, as long as there is no handwriting on the backside of it, then use a hole punch to make a hole at the center-top of it. String a narrow ribbon through the hole, and use the following holiday season as a gift tag.

- Make a Christmas scrapbook each year, featuring the recipes you prepared, a list of gifts given and received, photos from the holiday season, etc. Insert all the cards you received.

About The Author

Linda Kevich is a dynamic leader in lifestyle arts. An internationally recognized wedding expert for the last 15 years, Kevich is often cited in the national and international media and is well known for showing couples how to have the weddings of their dreams through her popular web site . Now, through, Kevich, with her killer sense of style and academic background in design, takes her followers to the next step - beyond the wedding - inspiring them with ways to inject creativity and style into life at home.

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