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Project: Scented Christmas Cards

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Here's an idea which is entirely in keeping with this philosophy. This year, send Christmas greetings that will enliven the senses with scent!

Here's What to Do:

Adding scent to Christmas greeting cards is very easy to do.

1. Simply moisten a cotton ball with your favorite fragrance oil - available in craft stores, your local dollar store, and other retail outlets. Squeeze the cotton ball to remove any excess moisture.

2. Place your christmas cards in a plastic bag. Add the scented cotton ball and seal the bag tightly.

3. Set the sealed bag of cards aside for about 7 days before addressing and sending the cards.

Imagine the surprise and delight the recipients will experince when they open your card this year to be greeted by the festive scent of pine needles, cinnammon, or apple pie, for example!

Note: The same technique can also be used to scent invitations.

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