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Project: Lighted Irridescent "Ice"
Mantel Arrangement or Centerpiece

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A clever and creative way to create a striking focal point arrangement for the mantel, or centerpiece for the dining table. The effect is one of shimmering ice. A clear vase is stuffed with crumpled iridescent mylar film, and tiny battery operated twinkle lights are nestled into the crumpled film to turn the entire arrangement aglow.

The rectangular or cube shaped clear vases that are so popular right now are a favorite choice for this type of arrangement, because their shape really lends well to the block of ice effect. But you can use any clear vase to acheive slightly different results.

Iridescent mylar film is available in sheets or by the roll in party supply stores, craft shops, and floral supply houses. It is a transparent film, often used for gift basket wrap. When the light catches it, the iridescent quality causes it to shimmer and cast out opalescent colors. Very pretty!

You Will Need:

  • Clear vase in the shape and style of your choice (rectangular, cubed, cylindrical, bubble vase, or traditional)

  • Irridescent Mylar film

  • String of battery operated mini-lights (white cord, clear lights)

Here's What to Do:

Lightly crumple the iridescent mylar film, and stuff it into the vase to loosely fill it. Place the mini lights into the vase, nestling the lights into the crumpled mylar. Distribute the lights evening through the arrangement. Simply turn on the string of lights when you are ready to enjoy the pretty glow. Use as a table centerpiece, an accent for the buffet table, or a pretty arrangement for the mantel.


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