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Fruit TopiaryCRAFTS
How to Make a Fruit Topiary Centerpiece

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You Will Need:

1 12" high plastic-foam cone for the base of the topiary. (The cone may seem small but keep in mind that the topiary will expand in size when you attach the fruit).

Assorted fruit such as fresh pears, apples, kumquats, and cranberries in addition to an assortment of dried pomegranates, dried oranges, nuts, and bay leaves. Or choose any other fresh fruit and dried items that appeal to you. Make your selections based on color, or whatever you find most striking. Choose the smallest pieces of fruit you can find because larger ones are more difficult to work with and may also look out of scale.

Sheet moss (available at garden supply stores, craft stores, and floral supply shops)

Hot-glue gun

Florist staples (available at florist and crafts shops)

Green wood picks (available at florist and crafts shops)

What to Do:

1. Submerge the sheet moss in a bucket of water so that it is thoroughly wet. This will help to bring out its color and make it easy to shape.

2. Remove moss from water and blot with paper towel to remove excess water.

3. Wrap moss around the cone so that the cone is completely concealed. Secure moss to the cone using florist stapes.

4. Plan the arrangement of fruit on the moss covered cone. You may want to place the fruit radomnly on the cone, or you might choose a circular patter or one that spirals around the cone.

5. When you are ready to attach the fruit, pierce each piece of fruit, except the cranberries, with a wood pick, pushing the pick halfway through the fruit. Then push the remainder of the pick into the cone. If you are not happy with the placement of a particular piece, carefully pull the pick off of the cone, and re-insert in a more pleasing location.

6. When the cone is completely covered in fruit, add the cranberries and dried items for accent using hot glue, and placing in between the fruit.

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