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How to Make a Melting Snowman

This melting snowman is an easy winter or Christmas craft project to make and a great homemade gift idea. It's also a big hit at craft shows and fairs.

Whenever a Snowman melts away,a Snow Angel is added to Heaven that day.

To get started, you will need:

Delta Ceramcoat paint in white, black, and tangerine

2 Folk Art Mittens Wood plug (nose) 1 3/4" Knob (all the above can be purchased at a craft store)

1/8" Yard Black Felt DecoArt Snow-Tex Scrap of Material (scarf) Hot Glue Masonite or thin wood scrap

Cut an oval base out of masonite or other thin wood. Paint the base and knob (head) white. Paint the mittens black. Paint the plug (nose) orange (tangerine). (Tip: Using a tiny bit of hot glue, attach mittens, knob and nose to a popsicle stick for easier painting).

FACE: After the head is dry, using a toothpick or stylus (or even the handle end of a paintbrush) and black paint, make 2 dots for the eyes. (See face pattern) Using a thin black permanent marker, draw the eyebrows, mouth and make 3 freckles on each cheek. Use a little blush on each cheek. Using a toothpick, place a white dot on each eye.

SCARF: Cut the snowman's scarf out of material - 1" wide by 12" long.

HAT: Using a heavyweight black felt, cut out a 2 1/2" circle, a 3 1/2" x 2" rectangle and a 2" square. To assemble hat: Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise. Use a couple small drops of glue inside the piece to keep it folded. Overlap the sides and hot glue it will now be a small circle. Clip just the corners off the square (just barely) and push the square up inside piece #1 you just created (the small circle). This square is now the top of the hat. Hot glue it in a few spots to the inside of the circle. Lay this whole piece you made centered on top of the circle. With needle and thread, whipstitch the top of the hat to the circle (just a few stitches will do). Add a bit of SnowTex to top of hat for snow, if desired.

ASSEMBLY: Hot glue head to the oval base. Glue a mitten on each side of his head. Glue nose to center of face. Fold scarf in half lengthwise and tie around Snowball's neck, cutting the ends to the length you want. Center hat on his glue in place.

If these snowmen will be for a craft show or festival, try instead making stocking hats in different colors (red, green, blue, etc.) Everyone has their favorite color and the snowmen are eye catching in different color hats.

The patterns and pictures for the melting snowman, as well as other free wood and stitchery Christmas patterns, can be found on at North Pole Christmas.


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