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Project: Candy Cane Pillar Candle Holder

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You Will Need:

15 - 20 Candy canes
1/2 yard red felt
1 coffee can
1 yard of 1"wide white or red ribbon
spray glue
hot glue gun
tape measure
fabric glue
1 pillar candle (white or red)

Here's What to Do:

Take a measurement of the height of the coffee can and it's circumference. Cut the felt so that it fits around the can with 1/2 inch of overlap at the seam.

Spray the outside of the can spray glue, and then spay one side of the felt with spray glue. Wrap the can with the felt (glue side down), and press into place to secure. Use fabric glue at the seam.

If the candy canes are wrapped in cellophane, remove the wrappers. Apply hot glue to the back of the candy canes, one cane at a time, and secure onto the felt in a vertical orientation. Work your way all around the can until it is completed covered with the candy canes. Wrap ribbon around middle of the cane covered candle and tie off with a pretty bow. If necessary, apply a little bit of hot glue to the back of the ribbon in a couple of spots to help keep the ribbon in place. Insert a 12" pillar candle into the can.

Alternatively, the can may also be used as a container for silk or dried floral arrangements. Simply insert floral foam into the can and then create your arrangement.

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